About Us

Venefilter, is a company founded in June, 2001 in Florida, USA. The company focuses in the execution of specialized services in filtering in hydraulic, lubrication systems and fluids analysis. In 2005 decides to extend the field of action to industrial, oil and petrochemical processes and also services of industrial cleaning.

At the present time, Venefilter has national and international presence. It is specialized in paper industries, generation of power, fishing industry, marine, mining, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and health among other.

As significant aspect, the strategy of Venefilter is based on the technical knowledge of professionals of different areas and advanced equipments to provide solutions to our clients.


VENEFILTER focuses on providing the best professional, commercial and technical services to industries in the field of filtering, purification, separation, analysis of fluids and cleaning to obtain total satisfaction of its customers.

To achieve our mission, Venefilter works closely in coordination with the most world recognized brands of products, applying equipment and highly specialized labor to support our objectives, obtaining a reliable and sustained growth of its personnel and the corporation.


To be recognized as leaders in our regions with quality of services in filtration, purification, separation and analysis of fluids services.


  • ETHICS AND RESPECT, is the work environment which interacts with our personnel and the environment, the personal and professional ethics are concepts that govern our bases.
  • INTEGRATION of the human and technological resources drives us to our common objective and total wellness.
  • INNOVATION of our knowledge and technologies to maintain a constant search of improvements and changes to lead our markets and applications.
  • ABILITY to ways of working which are always ready to new changes of patterns and technologies without affecting our internal or external customers.
  • EXCELLENCE as a basic concept which expands to our personal and professional criteria to obtain a total quality of our management.


In Venefilter we are dedicated to provide filtration, separation, purification, flushing, chemical cleaning and analysis of fluids services and also we market industrial filters, purification and separation systems which comply with all international standards to guarantee the quality of products and services using equipments and adequate techniques as required by customers with a qualified personnel and the offer of technical support of our processes and timely service to our customers, committed to continuous improvement in the efficiency of the processes, working to improve the satisfaction of customers and complying with safety norms and harmony with the environment.


Venefilter is on line with the sustainable development and harmony with the environment, maintaining its economic growth and social responsibility to satisfy customers, employees and the country. To meet our guidelines, we have implemented programs and services as:

  • Plan for continuous training in safety, health and hygiene of their employees.
  • Plan and Enjoy recreation in the workplace.
  • Supplies of books, and school supplies for the children of employees,
    thus contributing to the education and support of their families.
  • Venefilter, in line with the technical, professional and scientific development, has an annual professional training program for all employees.
  • Venefilter , in line with the promotion of sport , has donated uniforms and sports equipment to teams in different disciplines for its development and growth.
  • To improve and protect the environment, Venefilter focuses on promoting the culture of recycling and maintenance of these lubricants to reduce consumption and toxic wastes into the environment.


In order to comply with the legal frame of each country, establishes as policy the compromise to ensure that all operations of a service be executed under the best safe conditions and health, taking into account that they are vital for accidents and diseases prevention of workers to avoid personal and economic losses.

This compromise defines the preventive policy in all working activities within the frame of adequate working and safety conditions. From this policy, arises the following:

  • All accidents can and should be prevented
  • The causes of accidents must be eliminated or controlled
  • The prevention of accidents of work is a social irrevocable obligation of all company’s employees, whatever the position or temporary employment.
  • The prevention of work’s risks together with quality, cost and service constitutes one only unified priority.
  • The protection of the environment.