Venefilter, manufactures VFFB bag filters in a variety of styles and materials. Filter media are high quality and provide high particle retention, high capacity solids loading. These bags are ideal to meet the needs of specific filtration option. With standard sizes to fit most housings, these bags are the perfect choice when quality is important.


  • VFFB Available types of filter media with felt for maximum solids retention, monofilament mesh for precise pore sizes of reusable applications, and multifilament mesh low-cost disposable applications.
  • The FB ring bags are available in steel, stainless steel and plastic or plastic flange with integrated handles for a positive seal.
  • When combined with the FBH housing, these bags offer the highest efficiency available.
  • Filter media materials include polypropylene, polyester, nylon, nomex, and Teflon high temperature for the widest range of compatibility in the industry.
  • The bag filters are manufactured with a glaze finish to reduce media migration.
  • Available with handles of high-strength, for easy removal.
  • Some sizes of the bags are # 1, # 2, # 3 and # 4.