Venefilter has a wide range of products and services to satisfy the needs of the energy sector.

We have many years of experience in the execution of flushing services of hydraulic systems and lubrication of aero derivative turbines, hydroelectric and turbo-generators. Also the chemical cleaning of diesel fuel distribution systems in thermoelectric plants.

We comply with norms ASTM D4174-89, ASTM A380-13 and ASTM-D6439-11 and the established norms of each manufacturer of the units.

In addition, we offer elements and filtering system for hydraulic systems, lubrication, gas and compressed air, air admission of turbines, and demineralized water and other, also monitoring programs of oil through Tribolab as part of the preventive maintenance activities of companies.

We are recognized by major manufacturers like Siemens, General electric, solar and other and large companies who can attest to our quality of work and professionalism