We have representatives totaling over 50 years of experience in filtration of food processes and beverages such as: Gravestech, Venefilter, ultrafilter, van sir systems and Koch, our filter can be used in the following cases.

  • Wine industry, for pre-filtering and microbiological stabilization.
  • Brewing industry, application for filtering of trap particles, stabilization, reduction of biological charges before pasteurization, FOB returns, steam and Co2 sterile.
  • Citron industry, pre-filtering and microbiological stabilization
  • Mineral water, polishing, filtering of particles and microbiological stabilization.
    Soft drinks industry, microbiological stabilization of water, elimination of sugar and flavoring particles, Co2 sterile filtering.
  • Food and dairy products, elimination of micro-organisms, cysts of cryptosporidium and particles or suspended unwanted material of public services like water, air, gas or steam.
  • Culinary steam, to ensure sterilization of filters and equipment in the process of sanitation in general. A range of materials for filtering is offered, filters of stainless steel porous cartridge for application in culinary steam complying with norm 3A-609-01.
  • Handling of powder milk, raw materials for bakeries and other powders for food which requires uniform fluidizing and aeration. The handling of microporous technologies are ideal for discharging by gravity, the gravity assisted by air, anti-bridge and aeration pills or applications of immersion of coating.
  • Soda industry, using stainless steel elements, designed and manufactured from filtering means of fine and uniform passages to obtain the transference of efficient mass of gas in the liquid, including the injection of N2 in emulsifiers and oils, the introduction of gas and mixing in fermentation, application of hydrogenation by lots and beverage carbonation.
  • Our products are manufactured under strict processes of quality control and are totally validated and technically supported by our qualified scientists and lab services. Our polymeric cartridges manufactured from means approved by the FDA under clean conditions, include a wide range of adaptors of terminals to allow easy adaptation to new or existing cases of competitors and all filters cartridges of membrane are 100% tested during production.


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